Monday, March 31, 2014

Dragon City Hack Tool

Dragon City is a Facebook application, recently become more popular on that social network.

In this game, dragons are the protagonists. The main aim is to feed your dragons, raise them and earn gold. With gold, you can build farms to get food, habitats to place in dragons once hatched, temples to feed your dragons to an higher level.

There are dragons of different elements (Flame, Sea, Terra etc.), and they live in their respective habitats.

This feature is important because in this game it’s possible to battle other dragons, and this is called Combat. They can battle inside the Stadium or maybe in the Dragon League, if you want to battle other players’ dragons. As other games based on elements, the damage changes depending on the element of your enemy. For example, a Sea Dragon makes critical attacks against a Flame Dragon.


Gems are the premium currency of the game. You can use them to feed your dragons, to speed up some processes like eggs hatching, or to convert them in Gold. They are achievable in the game, but you surely want more gems as opposed to the tiny number the game offers. Let’s see how you can do that.

Dragon City Hack

To be honest, I love this game, but I hate the premium currencies, always present when Facebook applications do roll call. I decided to find another way to have some gems, so I teamed up with other people. We had the same aim, and we were able to create the Dragon City Hack Tool which I’m going to introduce to you.

Why this tool is different from other fake Dragon City cheats?

Dexter, one member of our team, was in the Social Point Team (who created the game), but it was fired from his job due to several warnings received. He gifted gems to his friends, and the SP Team didn’t appreciate it. Some days before the pink slip, he was able to steal codes used to create gems and other stuff in the game. We used them for our hack, and for this reason it works properly.

How do Dragon City Cheats work?

You only need to fill the forms with your Account ID and the number of gems you want. The tool will do the rest. The codes we used will be implemented in your account, as if the game is rewarding you. There is no need to worry about it. It is completely safe.

Where can I download the hack?

We decided to create a site where we can offer our tools, in order to allow players to have fun without spending a dime. We have had enough of premium currencies: if you call it free-game, it should be absolutely free.

To boil down

With your own dragon city hack, you will have an empire, rather than a city! All type of islands available, buildings built in a very short time, gold and gems at your fingertips.

Enjoy this tool, and remember to share it with your friends!